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Maximum results in minimum time

Larry and Sonja Stough, owners of SuperSlow Zone – West County

Any age and ability can get a full-body workout in less than 30 minutes at SuperSlow Zone. Under the leadership of owners Larry and Sonja Stough, who have 14 years’ experience with slow cadence resistance training, exercise routines are customized and personally guided by I.A.C.E.T. certified instructors. SuperSlow Zone is a semi-private, climate-controlled wellness and exercise studio. Clients ranging from ages 10 to 86 choose SuperSlow Zone because they need a safe and effective exercise that does not damage joints or ligaments, the gym experience is not for them, or their busy lifestyle does not allow them to spend hours a week working out. At SuperSlow Zone, twice a week is all you need. 

Whether a general exerciser or a medical exerciser, SuperSlow Zone can work with post-surgery patients or 52 injuries and health issues, including fibromyalgia, neuropathy, multiple sclerosis and osteopenia. In addition to traditional strength and muscle building, other services include stronger bone health, lowering A1C, and healthy eating/ weight loss. 

General exercise results include boosted stamina, endurance and energy. They can also help individuals improve overall muscle strength cardiovascular fitness, increase metabolism and fat loss while maintaining muscle, all while promoting an improved body shape and athletic ability. 

As for medical benefits, SuperSlow Zone’s routines can help improve heart health, reduce blood pressure, strengthen bones, improve glucose levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and help ease low back, shoulder, knee and hip pain. 

A free, no obligation sample workout lets people try SuperSlow Zone first to see if the fit is good for them. There are no membership fees or long-term packages to buy. Pay as you go by the month. Call today to learn more! 

 Claymont Medical Building 

15421 Clayton Road, Ste. 102 • Ballwin 

(636) 220-1010 


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