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Efficient, effective exercise for all ages

Looking for a full-body workout that’s low impact and suitable for all ages? The Row House, now open in Chesterfield, is ready to become your new fitness home.

According to Franchise Owner Bradley Carr, what sets Row House apart from other fitness studios is its emphasis on its namesake workout – rowing. 

Unlike other exercises that require people to spend hours at the gym and only target some areas of the body, rowing works over 86% of your muscles, is one of the best ways to burn calories and is low-impact, meaning that any individual of any age or fitness level can do it.

Row House offers class-style formats where participants row together at the same tempo and swing, creating an experience that’s filled with camaraderie without compromising the intensity of the workout. Row House’s packed schedules offers many different types of classes with different types of floor exercises mixed with varying degrees of rowing intensity, all led by skilled instructors in an energetic environment where the lights are dimmed and the music is turned up. 

“You can get a full-body workout without fear of injury or impact on the joints,” Bradley said.

The energy in Row House is lively and fun.

Their coaches, many of whom compete regularly in national rowing competitions, are hands on in teaching correct form and posture when rowing.

To celebrate its opening, Row House is offering Founding Members rates as well as introductory rates for individuals who are just starting out.

They have different levels of classes depending on each individual’s fitness goals. These offerings include their Signature, Power, Restore, Express Signature, Full Row and Foundation varieties.

Ready to pull your new workout together? Call Row House, or pop in from 5 a.m.-8 p.m., today to get started!

 4 Clarkson Wilson Center • Chesterfield

(314) 391-2136


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