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One-on-one health insurance planning

Kathy Beaven, owner

Between co-pays, deductibles, coinsurance and benefits, navigating the landscape of Medicare product options and insurance terminology can be confusing and frustrating.

Kathy Beaven, owner of Beaven Insurance LLC, recognizes that every client is an individual with specific insurance needs. The priority is placed on working directly with each individual to determine what product or products will address each customer’s unique needs to the fullest extent. 

There’s another reason for working with a certified agent from Beaven Insurance when weighing healthcare insurance options – advocacy. Kathy has been helping clients with Medicare insurance planning for more than 14 years on a range of topics that seniors face, such as “Why do I need another plan with Medicare?”, “What is the difference between Medicare Supplement and a Medicare Advantage Plan?”, “Why do I need a drug plan if I don’t take any drugs?”, “What about Dental and Vision Insurance?” and “Can I change my plan in the future?”

“Many people are bombarded with information from different carriers about the Medicare products they offer, and it can be hard to sort through it all”, Kathy said. “I want to get to know my clients, their expectations and specific insurance needs. My goal is to help you determine those things that are most important and what product or products will address those needs and fit best with their lifestyle and budget. Insurance is definitely not a one size fits all.” 

Call Kathy today to schedule an appointment and learn more about what insurance opportunities will work best for you.

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