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An advocate for independent providers

 Eric Knudtson, president and founder

The medical industry is constantly evolving, and the changing landscape of healthcare reform laws and initiatives can leave some independent providers feeling lost in the sea of complexities and idiosyncrasies. The added pressure can even force some doctors to cease independent practice or merge with larger institutions. 

Enter Integrity Healthcare Solutions, a medical billing and consulting company with an emphasis on providing independent doctors, physicians and healthcare providers with services that help provide long-term sustainability, efficiency and revenue. 

This includes services like billing, coding, and EMR/EHR software consultation and selection. They can even provide assistance with internal processes such as workflow improvement, office space management, basic wiring and cable needs, and even the acquisition of medical supplies. 

This wide array of services is possible due to Integrity Healthcare Solutions’ various partnerships with multiple contractors that provide experienced employees and services. The organizations are expertly curated by founder and president Eric Knudtson, a certified coder with over a decade of experience in medical revenue management consultation and software application. 

This diverse network means that collaboration with practices in a variety of fields – or even ones with multiple doctors – is no issue. 

“They can be general physicians, chiropractors, gastroenterologists, dentists, cardiologists, it doesn’t matter,” Eric said. “Adapting to any specialty is our specialty.” 

As a business that is also located in St. Louis, Integrity Healthcare Solutions understands the importance of being locally owned and operated. For example, Integrity Healthcare Solutions has partnered with the St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society. 

“We are real people, and we’re right here in the community,” Eric said. 

Whether you’re working to get your independent practice off the ground or you’re a seasoned provider looking for a helping hand, trust a company that has integrity built right into its name.

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