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Customized, comprehensive planning for the future

William Kelly, trust advisor and senior partner
Jennifer Surmacz, estate planning attorney at law

Real professionals in retirement and estate planning know there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” plan. For those looking for assistance in navigating the frontiers of estate and retirement planning, Trust Wealth Advisers is ready to be your guide. 

Their team of expert attorneys and advisors approach each client’s needs on a case-by-case basis to provide hands-on assistance estate planning, trusts, wills, retirement planning and more with an individualized approach. They can review objectives, develop a retirement plan or solution that fit individual goals while simultaneously accounting for legal, financial and taxation areas. They can even help families establish their trusts and avoid the lengthy and distressing experience of probate. 

“Estate planning is overwhelming,” Jennifer Surmacz, estate planning attorney at law, said. “I’ve seen families destroy themselves going through probate.” 

Their comprehensive, contemporary planning methods for retirement and estate protection take into account any changes in the law or other legal developments. 

Unlike other institutions, Trust Wealth Advisers also utilizes highly secured software that allows clients to log into their trust and view their own materials. 

“Once a trust is put forward, they are the only ones with access,” William Kelly, trust advisor, said. “They can log in and make their own changes.” 

Their online system is secure enough to work with clients from around the globe, or right up the street. 

Trust Wealth Advisers also stand out for their utilization of Nevada trust laws. Nevada is the No. 1 state in the country for all forms of trusts. Whether you live in Hawaii, Maine, or Missouri, Nevada Trust Laws are available to you for your trust. 

Trust Wealth Advisors also have a one-time fee approach, so there are no costly surprises for clients down the line. 

To schedule a meeting, visit their website today.

400 Chesterfield Center, Ste. 400 • Chesterfield 

(636) 537-7875 


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