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A new worship community to call home

Rev. Dr. Beverly DeBord

As some denominations of the Lutheran faith move toward more widely divergent positions on everything from public issues to how to interpret the Bible, some individuals in favor of a more middle ground experience may be feeling lost when it comes to finding others with whom to practice their faith, grow relationships and serve their neighbors. This is the void that West County Lutheran Church seeks to fill. 

West County Lutheran Church is a new Christian church in the Lutheran tradition located in West St. Louis County. After forming in late 2019, this group has continued to grow and attract disciples from across St. Louis, St. Charles and beyond. The church is a recognized congregation of the North American Lutheran Church, which has over 420 congregations across the United States and Canada. 

According to Interim Pastor Beverly DeBord, West County Lutheran Church takes a more centrist approach, maintaining a balance between ultra-orthodox and progressive mindsets while abiding by traditional, Christ-centered Lutheran teachings. 

“We really believe that the church is a sanctuary,” DeBord said. “It’s a gathering where people can get healed and become whole and be loved, but it’s also a group that has a job to do in the world. Our job is not just to make the world a nice place, but to show people through the way we live that God loves them. That is the goal.” 

Most recently, the church partnered to help Home Sweet Home, a local organization who helps clients transition to new living conditions with much needed furnishings and basic household items, providing a sense of ownership and stability. 

The church meets at Manchester’s Parks, Recreation and Arts building and in-person worship will be held outdoors for the month of July at that same location. To learn more, visit nalcwc.org. 

 359 Old Meramec Station Road • Ballwin 

(636) 422-0498 


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