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Bringing out the beauty in everyone

Owners Allyson Kucik-Martin and Kathy Kucik

Whether you’re looking for a stylish haircut, a rejuvenating facial or a foolproof manicure and make-up services that will have you looking your best, trust the professionals at Bella Gente Salon and Clothing Boutique to achieve and surpass your highest beauty expectations. 

The expert stylists and specialists at Bella Gente Salon take the time to get to know their clients individually, from what treatment they want done that day to what their unique style is. Knowledgeable stylists treat their customers like friends and family, are attentive through every beauty regiment and can answer questions. Bella Gente Salon has been locally owned and operated in Chesterfield since 2003 by Dennis and Kathy Kucik and their daughter, Allyson Kucik-Martin. 

While the setting and experience is intimate and personalized, the lists of expert beauty regiments are extensive and glamorous. Bella Gente Salon is a full-service salon offering haircuts, styling services, color/ highlights, balayage, extensions, mani/pedis, waxing, aesthetics, make-up application and more. Their latest offering is eyebrow Microblading, a procedure that creates the look of fuller, natural brows but has a semi-permanent lasting power. All procedures are offered in one, easily accessible location in the heart of Chesterfield Valley. Whether it’s a full day of pampering in the salon or a large bridal party on location, Bella Gente Salon will make sure every experience is nothing less than top-notch. 

Bella Gente Salon even has its own in-house clothing boutique featuring the latest trends in clothing, jewelry and accessories. Their selections are tailored specifically to compliment the salon’s premier beauty services. 

Whenever you need to feel your best, kick back and leave yourself in the professional, capable hands of Bella Gente Salon. Your safety is of utmost importance and you can relax knowing they have put protective measures in place to ensure it. 

 212 THF Blvd. • Chesterfield 

(636) 536-2002 



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