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Good things come in small packages

The old saying goes, “Good things come in small packages.”

In this case, that package is a small elderberry, and All Things Elderberry has found multiple ways to harness all the good and healthful properties and implement them into a line of locally-sourced products that are manufactured right here in the St. Louis community.

Since 2017, All Things Elderberry has been offering small batch elderberry products that include locally sourced ingredients. Over the last three years, hundreds of customers have purchased over 10,000 bottles of their Elderberry Elixir, which is made with American elderberries, Missouri raw honey, organic clove, ginger, and Ceylon cinnamon. 

Some of their other products include their Elderberry Elixir Dry Kits and Elderberry Apple Butter.

Their offerings even extend to DIY kits that teach individuals how to make products at home.

The story of All Things Elderberry stems back to when CEO and founder Emilia Rizzuto created the special Elderberry Elixir in the pursuit to create a natural remedy. After being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 15, she experienced the wide array negative impacts the steroids and various medication combinations had on her body and immune system.

That was when she stumbled upon research around the antiviral and anti-inflammatory benefits of elderberries. Emilia then partnered with Susan Smith, a seasoned small business owner, to make All Things Elderberry a reality.

Even as the business continues to grow, Emilia remains passionate about using locally sourced products from the state of Missouri. This means that the products are not only nourishing for the body, but let’s a customer know they are supporting local businesses with their purchase.

For more information or to purchase products online, visit allthingselderberry.com.



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