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A lesson in college preparation

Owner and College Planning Advisor Gary Jones

College planning takes time and effort, and when every student has their own academic future in front of them, there is no cookie-cutter package that works for everyone. 

Enter Class 101, a national corporation that not only strives to help students prepare for college, but also wants to help families pay less for it. In their 20-plus years of operation, they have helped over 4,000 students with their college planning needs, from admission to financial aid and much more. 

“We’re the largest college planning firm in the U.S.,” Owner and College Planning Advisor Gary Jones said. “The first in St. Louis.” 

Their professional and experienced counselors walk students through the college admission process step-by-step. Services are thorough, unique and completely customized to each student’s unique set of wants and needs. 

As part of their College Planning Package, Class 101 provides services like college cost evaluations, guidance with scholarship and financial aid application, matching students with potential colleges based on preferences, assistance with creating a resume and other introduction/review materials, coaching in essay writing, scheduling campus visits to numerous universities, and help with making students adhere to all the deadlines that come with college admission. 

Before a student even applies to a school, Class 101 can help a student with their high school grades and even provide ACT/SAT practice-test sessions to help reduce anxiety level when test day arrives, further reassuring that there are as few obstacles as possible between a student and their dream college. Students looking for guidance in athletic recruiting are also eligible for Class 101’s assistance. 

No matter where a student is in the college application process, Class 101 can help. With the Fall 2020 semester right around the corner, call today to schedule a consultation. 

 15457 Clayton Rd. • Ballwin 

(636) 299-1944 

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