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Letter to the Editor: Youth sports restrictions

I have never written a political letter, nor considered myself to be active in politics. But I am so ticked off though at what Sam Page has done regarding Little League sports, that I felt like venting. 

I have heard people in the past talk about intrusive government and the government taking over too much of our lives, but never took it too seriously. I now see what those people meant, and so do many others. How on earth can these politicians say, “Follow the science,” and then say, “Young people protesting doesn’t cause the spread of coronavirus, and that it’s fine. We must eradicate little league sports though.” 

Well Comrade Page, what about a compromise based on freedom? If people are concerned about their kids playing, then they don’t have to sign up. If they feel the benefits outweigh the risks, they can play. Oh wait, that’s what already had happened. People decide based on their assessment of the situation. 

I hope by the time this letter runs you have been transparent, Dr. Page, and provided all the scientific data regarding your decision. I can’t quite figure it out but this strikes me as some warped twisted political move designed to get votes. I hope it backfires spectacularly.

Jeff Meyer

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