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Tips for online success

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Dr. Erin Schulte, coordinator of counseling and character education for Parkway, provided the following tips to help students be successful with virtual learning: 

Stick to a schedule: Make sure you have identified times for certain tasks and stick to it!

Participate live if possible: Parkway is offering live times with teachers, so try to make that time work rather than catching the video later.

Actively participate in any way you can: If you are live, join in the discussions and comment on chat boards.

Set up a designated workspace for students: Do not tune in from bed. Have a workstation, a desk, etc.

Stay patient: There might be a learning curve with certain aspects of technology. Stay patient and be persistent.

Be open to trying new ways of doing things: School does not look how it normally looks. Try to see that there are still some good things about it and – in some cases – maybe it can even be better than it was before all of this.

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