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Letter to the Editor: Reach out, sleep better

Our lives are so busy and full in ordinary times, we do not always reach out to past friends and acquaintances or think even of family members who live far and wide. It may seem like not enough hours in the day.

Now is our chance. We are home much more. Dishes are washing in dishwasher, laundry running, dryer not finished, vacuum can wait and too hot to mow the yard.

Telephones are still working, the postman is delivering notes. Think of who you have not been in touch with – a teacher, old friend, pastor, priest, neighbor. Think even of strangers who were nice at the check-out in places you have ventured to these past months. Also, remember our police officers.

Email is the easiest but not as personal.

These actions and thoughts can make our days feel not so long and lonely. It can be very fulfilling, gratifying and much appreciated to send a note or make a call.

Stop, and grab the moment.

It is amazing how much better your rest will be tonight if you do. I have tried it, and am sleeping sounder than ever and not laying in bed worrying about tomorrow, and for sure not wondering and worrying about my family and friends.

Try it. I guarantee it works!

Greta Clark Corkhill

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