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Smooth sailing for Wildhorse Village proposal

It’s been a long road, but the final stages in the adoption of the Chesterfield Village project are close at hand. At its Aug. 3 meeting, the City Council gave a first reading to the bill with proposed amendments.

The proposed development, located west and southwest of the intersection of Interstate 64 and Chesterfield Parkway West, consists of 99.6 acres. The 23 acres on the north side of Wildhorse Creek include the Wildhorse mixed-use development and the AC hotel.

Property owner Jeff Tegethoff, president of Pearl Capital Management, is seeking amendments for the 78-acre Planned Commercial and Residence District (PC&R) that surrounds the property’s existing lake.

View of Chesterfield Village from the lake

Determining what will be allowed in regard to building height, spacing between buildings, and building function has been the impetus for the past several months.  

Representatives from the Citizens for Developing Downtown Chesterfield are favorable to many aspects of the project, citing the designated open space, pedestrian and bikes trails, public gathering spaces, and park amenities, but they had some final requests for the developer such as limiting the residential buildings on two of the lots to three-story and specifying that two retail buildings flanking the terrace garden on the east end of the lake be limited to one story.

Resident Rob Kilo was adamant that the city allow the developer some leeway to make the development successful. One of the requests of the developer is that the total height of the proposed luxury condo tower be 110 feet, instead of the 100-foot limit.

“This additional 10 feet can provide the per floor added height one would expect in a luxury condo tower,” Kilo said. “Ten feet makes a significant difference in luxury versus plain when it comes to a luxury residential purchase of over $1 million per unit.”

George Stock, of Stock & Associates, speaking on behalf of Wildhorse Village LP and CRG, said they were in agreement with 21 of the amendments approved by the Planning and Public Works Committee July 23 but wanted reconsideration for six of them, along with an additional amendment.

One amendment would allow for the luxury condominium building to be 110 feet in height rather than 100 feet, exclusive of mechanical units on top. Two apartment buildings along Burkhardt Place would be three-story, but four stories could be allowed fronting Lakefront Street.

Rendering of Wildhorse Village as proposed

Tegethoff agreed that four-story buildings along Burkhardt would be too aggressive of a transition to the single-story YMCA and library buildings, but that four-story on Lakefront was the best practice for good planning.

Buildings along Wildhorse Creek Road can be four-story, except those fronting Wildhorse Creek between Chesterfield Parkway West and the Interstate-64 off-ramp could be five stories.

A view corridor with a minimum of 300 feet in width is required on Chesterfield Parkway. Two, single-story restaurants are planned within the view corridor subject to a sight line evaluation to ensure that the view of the lake is maintained. Two view corridors required on Wild Horse Creek will have minimum widths of 75 and 125 feet.

The minimum building height requirement will be removed to allow for flexibility in the design of restaurant buildings and a grocery store; rooftop mechanical equipment enclosed in architecturally penthouses will be allowed.

The zoning petition has two main objectives. The first is to incorporate and rezone a 0.6 acre “C-8” Planned Commercial District parcel to the Planned Commercial and Residence District “PC&R” known as Downtown Chesterfield. The second is to amend the development criteria of the governing ordinance.

The final reading of the bill will take place at the council’s Aug. 17 meeting.

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