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Replying to ‘Reach out, sleep better’

Within a day after West Newsmagazine was in our mailboxes, there was a knock on my door and there were two ladies standing, smiling, and acting like they recognized me. Before I could say much, they spoke together and said I had sold their homes for them 35 years ago. Tears welled up in my eyes, and with that they explained they had read my article and were reaching out. They shared their names and they were familiar. They told me their addresses and I recognized them.
I was in total disbelief, sort of now recognizing one of the women. Asking them in, they refused. They explained that they live out west now and had met and wanted to get home before traffic got too bad.  As our tears continued, they handed me a delicious chocolate cake.
Due to my letter to the editor of Aug. 5, the kindness of these two women came as a blessing and gave me memories of how many friends I made in my career.
I repeat, “Reach out.” Who knows what happiness in sharing will come to you. 

Greta Clark Corkhill 

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