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Rockwood set to welcome some students back to campus

At mid-day on Tuesday, Sept. 15 a note went out from Rockwood Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles. It was one many parents were eagerly awaiting.

In it Miles outlined the district’s plans for returning its youngest students back to campus and in-person education.

Miles acknowledged that every family has concerns about what is the best educational option for their children. The gradual phase-in that the district will initiate beginning Sept. 30 calls for students in preschool through grade two to have “the choice of in-person learning five days a week for a full-time school schedule.”

According to the letter, Rockwood will continue to “offer online learning for students who wish to continue learning from home,” with the exception of children in the Early Childhood Education program. That program will not maintain a virtual component after Sept. 30.

Specific details of the transition plan will be available on the district’s website beginning Friday, Sept. 18.

“You’ll find information about the extensive safety protocols and mitigation efforts in our classrooms, cafeterias, buses, and schools,” Miles told parents in his letter. “We will provide families with useful information to help them make the best decision – whether it be learning at home or learning at school.”

On Friday, Sept. 18, Rockwood will send an email to parents of children in preschool, kindergarten, and grades one and two asking those families (minus preschool) to indicate which plan – distance or on-campus learning – they will participate in moving forward. 

A timeline for grades three through five will follow after this successful transition of preschool through grade two students, the district has said.

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