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Laurie C. Burke DC

Dr. Laurie C. Burke

Dr. Laurie Burke established her chiropractic practice in Ellisville in 1982 after graduating from Niagara University and Logan College of Chiropractic and has continued to provide exceptional chiropractic services to the community for 38 years and counting. Chiropractic care can help improve physical fitness, endurance, strength, sleep and reduce pain and inflammation.

Dr. Burke’s methods include gentle spinal adjustments using a wide variety of adjusting techniques, acupuncture, BEMER/PEMF therapy [pulsed electromagnetic frequencies], ultrasound muscle stimulation, intersegmental spinal traction, infrared therapy, nutrition and rehabilitation.

As an avid tennis player, Dr. Burke also understands the role of conservative care for athletes of all ages and abilities. She is a compassionate physician and certified acupuncturist, who continues to attend extensive post-graduate training in chiropractic health care, advanced acupuncture, pediatrics, scoliosis management, nutrition, exercise and rehabilitation protocols, and laboratory analysis.
Additionally, she treats personal injury cases and performs school and work physical examinations.

Dr. Burke surrounds herself with a very experienced, warm and caring staff that really compliments her office setting. Patients of all ages are welcome, and a variety of insurance plans are accepted. Cash plans are available for the uninsured.

Dr. Laurie C. Burke

242 Clarkson Road • Ellisville
(636) 227-8191 • www.drburkedc.com

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