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Letter to the Editor: Regarding a property tax in Chesterfield

Mayor Bob Nation has begun to send up smoke signals indicating that a new tax levied against all commercial and residential property may be needed to keep Chesterfield afloat. He states that this tax would be “minuscule” and that it is needed to offset revenue loss due to increased internet sales and the COVID virus. The mayor and City Administrator Mike Geisel have somehow determined that Chesterfield’s current decrease in revenue is permanent, that “there’s a systemic a change of behavior” and that Chesterfield will never recover from the monetary effects of COVID-19.

Inasmuch as we are still in the eye of the COVID hurricane, it is surely too soon to know what the long term or permanent effects will be on the city’s economy post COVID-19. They both know this, yet they want us to believe that the city’s current decrease in tax revenue is an absolute given into the future, and thus the need to impose a new tax.

Chesterfield needs to show us the specific services or amenities that will have to be eliminated if you don’t get this tax. Show us what specific steps you have taken to keep expenditures reasonable under current economic conditions so that we can decide if you really need more of our money.

Are we sure that the city’s government has done enough to tighten its own financial belt? If revenue is getting tight, why is the city still spending money as if its not an issue? For example, is the expense of developing Logan Park really necessary at this time?

Chesterfield was born without a property tax and we should keep it that way.

Mike Kozuszek

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