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Ballwin to act on request to deny truck traffic at Bitterfield Drive

At the Oct. 12 meeting, Claywood subdivision resident Wally Cammarata asked the Ballwin Board of Aldermen to consider posting a “no truck route” sign at the Hwy. 141 entrance to the subdivision.

“The reason for that, as you probably already know, is there’s a service station going in at Henry and Manchester Road,” Cammarata said. “If you’re coming south on (Hwy) 141 and you go to that service station, it will be easy to go through our subdivision, and thereby avoid five stoplights.  Truck traffic is going through our subdivision now.  I’m requesting the truck route sign close to our subdivision.”

It was further pointed out that the cut-through street in question is Bitterfield Drive. Cammarata contended that, in addition to regular traffic in that area, nearly 1,000 cars per day pass through just to avoid Manchester and Hwy. 141.

Bitterfield Drive at Hwy. 141, across from Parkway Southwest Middle School (Source: Goggle Earth)
Bitterfield Drive at Hwy. 141, across from Parkway South Middle School (Source: Google Earth)

“It’s got a real short entryway, too,” added Alderman Jim Leahy (Ward 3). “So if you have big vehicles, they’re going to take wide turns. I think it would be very difficult for them to do it, so I don’t see why we don’t put a sign there.”

Alderman Kevin Roach (Ward 2) followed that comment by asking if it was true that prohibition routes are done by ordinances. Alderman Frank Fleming (Ward 3) confirmed that to be the case and said it was only right for the city to add such a sign near the Bitterfield Drive entrance.

“We are sending information to the board about this,” Fleming said. “For the sake of consistency, it makes a lot of sense, too, because there are three ways to get into Ballwin off (Hwy.) 141. Dutch Mill (Drive) has had that truck sign forever and Milldale (Drive) we did by legislation a few years ago. So, it would make sense to get covered there at the third one. I’ll make it a motion (which the board passed) and leave it up to the city attorney to draft (the legislation).”

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