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Academy of St. Louis

 1633 Kehrs Mill Road, Building B • Chesterfield
(636) 534-5099 • www.acadstl.org
Terri O’Daniel, Executive Director

Ursuline Academy brings together girls who represent varied interests, experiences, backgrounds and neighborhoods. For the 2020/21 school year, Ursuline Academy has implemented a hybrid learning model. Our reopening committee focused on three central concerns: the safety of students and co-workers, the delivery of a high-quality education, and the opportunity for student participation in activities outside the classroom that enrich their educational experience. Ursuline Academy St. Louis is one in a network of schools in 19 countries, allowing for global enrichment opportunities throughout its curriculum. On its 28-acre campus in Kirkwood, students try new things, take risks and apply the knowledge they have gained to achieve their goals in college, career and life.

Chaminade College Preparatory School

425 S. Lindbergh Blvd. • St. Louis
(314) 993-4400 • www.chaminade-stl.org
Rev. Ralph A. Siefert, S.M. President
Chaminade College Preparatory School educates young men, grades 6-12, in the Catholic Marianist tradition. The school’s motto is ESTO VIR, “Be A Man.” The journey from boyhood to manhood is a path that includes spiritual, educational and social development. Chaminade’s mission is to build a student’s inherent skills, gifts and talents while realizing their potential as men. This is accomplished through its academics, formation of character, and athletics and activities. Chaminade offers academic scholarships, need-based grants and endowed scholarships to assist in making Chaminade affordable for as many families as possible. Learn more about the Chaminade Difference by visiting www.chaminade-stl.org.

Chesterfield Day School

1100 White Road • Chesterfield
(314) 469-6622 • www.chesterfielddayschool.org
Peggy Fiala, Head of School

Chesterfield Day School is a student-centered independent school focused on fostering the joy of learning, positive character development and service to others. Beginning with an early childhood Montessori program, CDS’s holistic approach nurtures the whole child through all stages of development. Classrooms feature mixed-age groupings that foster peer learning, uninterrupted blocks of work time and guided work choice. In grades two through six, students build on the Montessori Foundation with personalized methodologies like Singapore Math and Project-Based Learning. CDS students are encouraged to explore their interests, work collaboratively and think critically. Private tours are available year-round for students age 18 months through sixth grade.

De Smet Jesuit High School

233 N New Ballas Road • Creve Coeur
(314) 567-3500 • www.desmet.org

De Smet Jesuit specializes in the formation of young men. Rich with opportunity, its college preparatory program inspires multi-dimensional leaders eager to serve others. Students are known for being well-rounded, thanks in part to the school’s appreciation for both classic and contemporary lessons. The curriculum ranges from Latin to robotics and from theology to digital storytelling. Students support each other on the athletic fields, in the theater, and throughout the school. An all-boy environment and a dedicated faculty help teenage boys feel comfortable to try new things and grow with confidence.

EYC Academy

13718 Olive Blvd. • Chesterfield
(636) 220-3344 • www.EYCAcademySTL.org
Lou Reuss, EYC Academy Director

Looking for a transitional or permanent option for your child’s education that offers a safe, distraction-free environment? Look to EYC Academy. EYC’s one-teacher, one-student approach provides a more attentive, therapeutic learning environment and ensures each child’s education is fitted to their learning style. EYC offers flexible scheduling for part- or full-time school on-site, online or a blend of both. Other services include educational therapies, counseling, learning disabilities and gifted testing services, private tutoring, test prep, social skills and small group classes, homeschooling partnerships and more. Attend a Virtual Open House from 11 a.m.-noon or 6-7 p.m. on Oct. 29 or Nov. 5 to learn more. Visit www.eycacademystl.org to register and receive a virtual link today!

MICDS (Mary Institute & Saint Louis Country Day School)

101 North Warson Road • St. Louis
(314) 995-7367 • www.micds.org
Jay Rainey, Head of the School
A nationally recognized leader in independent education, MICDS is a college-prep, co-ed school for students from Junior Kindergarten [age 4] through grade 12. MICDS’s mission is to prepare students for higher education and a life of purpose and service as engaged citizens in an ever-changing world. When a child attends MICDS, they’ll explore their
passions and pursue academic excellence in state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, athletic facilities, theaters, and art studios throughout the 100-acre campus. Families are invited to attend MICDS’ Virtual Open House at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 17 to learn more about the unique and innovative ways students embark on lives of discovery at MICDS.

Principia School

13201 Clayton Road • St. Louis
(314) 434-2100 • www.principiaschool.org
Travis Brantingham, Head of School
Principia School is an independent, co-educational college preparatory school offering programs for preschool through grade 12. Founded on the values of Christian Science, the school welcomes students from a variety of faith backgrounds. Its beautiful, 360-acre campus offers a state-of-the-art educational and athletic experience, featuring outstanding sports fields and 100+ acres of diverse habitats where classes focus on sustainability. Principia seeks students who value scholarship and are eager to grow in character, embrace opportunity, and pursue excellence. Hands-on, experiential learning defines instruction and deepens learning through strong community engagement and exceptional global curriculum-based trips.

Rossman School

12660 Conway Road • St. Louis
(314) 434-5877 • www.rossmanschool.org
Elizabeth Zurlinden, Head of School
Ranked among the nation’s 50 Best Private Elementary Schools, Rossman School provides children age 4 through grade 6 with an unparalleled academic and character foundation that preserves the magic of childhood. Experienced and innovative educators are dedicated to discovering and nurturing that which makes each child one-of-a-kind as they implement a rich curriculum balancing language arts, mathematics, and specialty subjects such as art, music, science, Spanish, and social studies. A small, intimate community of one class per grade provides a personal and supportive climate that cultivates confidence, encourages risk-taking and improves learning.

St. John School

15800 Manchester Road • Ellisville
(636) 779-2325 • www.stjls.org
Doug Mauss, Executive Director
St. John School is a Personalized Learning Academy serving ages 2 through grade 8 – the first of its kind in West County. Many schools still follow the factory-style model of education, teaching to the middle and preparing students for a world that no longer exists. The result can be graduates who are gifted academically yet struggle to connect and collaborate with others. St. John School has left that model behind. Its faculty and staff are proud to partner with like-minded families – those who know that the world needs flexible, creative, innovative and motivated citizens. By focusing on individualized instruction, project-based learning and whole-person growth, St. John School equips students with real-life success skills and confidence to enter the next phase of education.

St. Joseph’s Academy

2307 S. Lindbergh Blvd. • St. Louis
(314) 394-4321 • www.sja1840.org
Dianne Dunning-Gill, Director of Enrollment Management
St. Joseph’s Academy is a college-preparatory high school sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. The curriculum, rigorous by design, offers 140-plus courses. SJA seeks a balanced approach, which invites students to pursue many interests. From engineering to entrepreneurship, graphic design, Mandarin Chinese, theater, basketball and the school newspaper – there is something for everyone. This year, SJA opened 23,000 square feet of renovations, including new science, engineering, technology and visual arts spaces. SJA’s on-campus Open House for eight graders will be on Nov. 8 and a virtual option will be available for fifth through seventh graders on Nov. 7. For details, visit www.sja1840.org.

The Fulton School

123 Schoolhouse Road • St. Albans
(636) 458-6688 • www.tfssa.org
Mrs. Kara Douglass, Head of School
Set on a wooded, 13-acre campus just 10 minutes west of Wildwood, The Fulton School is an independent, co-ed school for children 18 months old through 12th grade. With a student-teacher ratio of 8-to-1, this small school community embodies a sense of place, safety and belonging because students are known, understood and engaged. Because of its roots in Montessori, the school offers a strong academic environment where each student’s personality is celebrated and nurtured, and where independence, curiosity, kindness and integrity are paramount. Fulton students are encouraged to think globally and embrace their individuality, while appreciating and respecting the unique gifts of others. Come discover the difference The Fulton School can make in your child’s life.

Ursuline Academy

341 S. Sappington Road • Kirkwood
(314) 984-2800 • www.ursulinestl.org
Ursuline Academy has been bringing girls who represent varied interests, experiences, backgrounds and neighborhoods together for years. Now, Ursuline Academy is excited to host their in-person open house. On Thursday, Nov. 5 and Sunday, Nov. 8, their admissions team will offer socially distant and timed tours. At this time, they are reserving spots for students in grades 7 and 8. Experience their state-of-the-art science classrooms, dance and music rooms, and more. Meet their passionate faculty and staff, dedicated to making sure every student reaches her full potential. To learn more, visit www.ursulinestl.org/visitua.

Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School

801 S. Spoede Road • Frontenac
(314) 810-3566 • www.vdoh.org
Michael F. Baber, Head of School
Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School is an independent, Sacred Heart school for boys and girls age 3 through grade 6 and young women in grades 7-12. Experienced faculty challenge each student, nurture their minds and hearts, and foster faith, intellect, social awareness, community and growth. The 60-acre campus provides a rich backdrop for indoor and outdoor learning. Graduates leave with lifelong friendships, the courage and confidence to make choices for themselves, and an understanding of the impact of their choices on the world around them. Villa Duchesne and Oak Hill School is committed to excellence in academics, providing the best opportunities for its students, and sharing the gift of Sacred Heart education with more students through Family Individualized Tuition.

Whitfield School

175 South Mason Road • St. Louis
(314) 434-5141 • www.whitfieldschool.org
John Delautre, Head of School
Whitfield is a co-ed, college preparatory school for students in grades 6 through 12. At Whitfield, each student’s strengths are known, cultivated and celebrated. The school’s talented faculty capture students’ imaginations and energize them to identify and pursue their passions. Whitfield’s college preparatory program is rooted in character education; and their Habits of Mind and Heart curriculum pervades the educational program and encourages critical reflection for academic and personal growth. Whitfield’s college counseling program inspires students to reach for their top-choice schools in a low-stress way. The Class of 2020 received merit-based scholarships totaling more than $3.3 million for their first year of college.


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