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Rockwood teacher combines science with language arts

LaSalle Springs Middle language arts teacher Allison Seitz is among five educators internationally to earn an Education Innovation Award from a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching about ocean conservation issues. 

Allison Seitz
Allison Seitz

During the fourth quarter last school year, Seitz connected her curriculum with the objective of Bow Seat’s Ocean Awareness competition. 

“Each week for six weeks, I worked with students to practice research skills, identify bias in sources, choose an environmental issue they were passionate about and, ultimately, plan and create their projects,” Seitz said.

Projects ranged from written pieces – which included narratives, poems and essays – to art, which involved paintings and sketches. Seitz’s students also created websites, blogs, animations, movies and computer games focused on teaching audiences about their environmental issue. In the end, they wrote a reflection identifying their target audience and explaining the goal of their project.

“Because students were motivated to learn more each week about their topics, it made working on their researching and writing skills easier,” Seitz explained. “They were open to ideas and suggestions and willing to work hard to submit quality work for the contest and for class.”

The award comes with a grant of $750.

“Mrs. Seitz is innovative and always seeks new ways to engage her students in the classroom and in the community,” LaSalle Springs Principal Aaron Wilken said. “Her passion for her students and her work is inspiring. Allison is deserving of this recognition, and LaSalle Springs is lucky to have her as a member of our team.”

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