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Signage package for Wildhorse Village gets nod from Chesterfield Planning Commission

At the commission meeting on Monday, Nov. 9, Great Lakes Capital submitted a request for both wall signage and a free-standing monument sign on a portion of the Wildhorse Village development site.

The area where the sign is to be located is currently being developed by The Pearl at Wild Horse Creek with a mixed-use development and a 128-room AC Hotel. The mixed-use building contains 188 multi-family units, a 15,462-square-foot Ruth Chris Steakhouse (now open) and 11,813 square feet of yet to be filled retail space. The building has frontage on both Wild Horse Creek Road and Interstate 64.

The sheer size of the monument sign raised some concern.

The 240-square-foot monument sign would be attached to a stone retaining wall facing I-64. At maximum, it would be 10 feet above grade and 120 feet in length, illuminated by ground-mounted LED light fixtures. According to Rich Obertino, president TR,i Architects, the monument sign will grade into the hillside and blend in as much as possible.

Proposed sign for Wildhorse Village. Click here to access a larger view.

“It’s not as big as everyone thinks it is,” Obertino said. “We want to make it look like part of the natural terrain of the site. This is really the first true mixed-use building in Chesterfield, so we kind of have to look at things a little different than a traditional retail or office or multi-family building.”

Obertino said the back of the sign that is above ground would be covered by a berm.

Aaron Clippinger, of Integrated Signs, added, “Fifty square feet for a monument sign when you’re in town makes perfect sense, but when it’s on the freeway, it’s got to be adjusted. It seems huge at 240 square feet, but with a thin font and rock behind it, it’s not going to be as prominent as one might think.”

Jeff Tegethoff, president of Pearl Capital Management, reminded the commission that the monument sign covers the length of highway frontage across the entire site, which includes the hotel, and that vehicles traveling at least 60 mph need to view that sign.

The request before the commission also included signage for six commercial tenants facing Wild Horse Creek Road. Each tenant will be allowed one sign, which cannot exceed 5% of the wall area of the business on which the sign is attached.

View of mixed-use building from I-64

A 66-square-foot sign was requested for the multi-family building to be located above the office space on its eastern façade. 

Three signs are planned for the restaurant space: one on the north façade of the mixed-use building, one on the east façade, and one on the south facade, not to exceed 5% of the wall area.

The planning commission voted 7-1 to recommend approval for the proposed sign package with Steve Wuennenberg voting against it. The package will now go to the City Council for review and a final vote.

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