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Letter to the Editor: Why the permanent potholes?

I’m surprised that many of the streets in West County have potholes that never ever get fixed. They are all about 26 inches in diameter where manholes are under the roadway. Many of the manhole covers are well below street level, thus causing a pothole in the road. They are very irritating to drivers, who frequently swerve to miss them, thus causing dangerous driving. I’m sure that most drivers know where the bad ones are that get dodged regularly.

I’m not a manhole expert, but I have learned that spacer rings of various heights are available that fit under the covers to raise them up to the level of the roadway, thus fixing the problem. So why aren’t the spacer rings used? That is a subject that I think should be discussed at city council meetings throughout the county, so that drivers will no longer have to play “dodge ‘em.”

Richard Brockmann

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