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Letter to the Editor: The risks of isolation

My aunt is a nurse working with COVID patients. Back in March, she was terrified. The predictions and warnings were horrific.

Now that we’ve been dealing with the effects of this illness for months, she’s less afraid of the virus (which kills less than 1% of people) and more afraid of the risks of isolation.

The patients who are on their last leg, coming in dying of COVID-19, are those who completely isolated themselves. They are the individuals who did everything they were told to: distancing, disinfecting everything, wearing masks during the few times they had to go out. She says they have killed their immune systems, which is more risky than COVID-19 itself.

I’m highly disappointed to see how West Newsmagazine has reported on this situation. You are playing it safe and just repeating the same thing that all mainstream media is shoving down people’s throats. Maybe you’re afraid to print something real and truly accurate about this fiasco? Or you don’t want others to think you don’t care about everyone, even that 1% of people who do die? I don’t know.

Yes, we need to look out for others, but if the predictions were wrong and the virus clearly isn’t as deadly or harmful as predicted, then why are we still destroying our immune systems and our livelihoods for it? Wouldn’t it be more caring to report on all aspects of this situation and not just go with the flow because it’s easier?

My aunt simply put it this way: Would you rather live a long life of isolation, or a potentially shorter life surrounded by family and friends? I prefer the latter.

Jessica Marie Baumgartner

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