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Letter to the Editor: Regarding the Wildwood waterfall

The waterfall scandal of Wildwood in my opinion diminished the Heroes of Hindsight December issue.

Amidst one of the most challenging years West Newsmagazine chose to cover hindsight 2018 … again and again. The community magazine has kept the faucet running on a first world issue of a residential waterfall to my account since the first article appeared in 2018.

Could the article have waited? Discussing this feud was just another thing to add to the brew of 2020 and a bad batch at that. 

I am in no way diminishing the indeterminate health issues that anyone is experiencing that may or may not be related to a water feature.

I am, however, genuinely concerned about the fallout of COVID-19, the additional stressors, the underemployed, people with no healthcare insurance and much more. Stress alone puts us at greater risk for illness. There are tough choices at a time when community and togetherness should and could be amplified.

Thank you for highlighting healthcare workers in the issue.

Maybe these problems do not permeate most West Newsmagazine readers. I am hopeful that it remains so. If the waterfall issue maintains its appeal in 2021 with all that has occurred in 2020. Well, hindsight is 2020. 

Julia Bridges

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