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Letter to the Editor: Regarding Walter E. Williams

I am sure that many readers of your publication regret the passing of Walter E. Williams. However, I have always believed that his column was inappropriate for a publication such as your local newsmagazine. 

Mr. Williams was clearly a proponent of very conservative positions on national issues and as such appealed to readers of the same bent. However, readers such as myself would prefer to see more “Letters to the Editor” that address state and local topics of interest rather than Mr. Williams’ usual “sermon to the uninformed.” For example, the recent mask mandate controversy or the very negative and misleading campaign ads of the recent election.

I ask that you not replace Mr. Williams’ column with one similar to his. Political news junkies can easily find plenty of national publications to satisfy their needs. 

I find the balance of your publication very informative and interesting. Thank you.

John S. Krakowski

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