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Letter to the Editor: Regarding COVID-19

The facts are:

COVID-19 has a 3% death rate in the United States and worldwide. (source: www.worldometers.info)

As of Christmas Day, over 337,000 Americans have died of COVID-19. (source: www.worldometers.info)

The mainstream media reports the facts, albeit somewhat sensationalized. Misinformation comes from other media outlets both far left and far right.

And the fact is that I would choose isolation over death and believe most sensible people would agree.

As a country we are selfish and don’t care enough about each other. Our current administration did too little too late to prevent deaths. Most deaths of Americans due to COVID-19 were preventable. If in March our current leadership had simply encouraged mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing, sanitizing, staying at home with loved ones whenever possible and not traveling when you don’t have to, we, as a country, would have been largely over this pandemic in May. The Trump administration is responsible for over 2/3 of American deaths and, in my humble opinion, doesn’t care.

Furthermore, testing and contact tracing were necessary starting in March to slow the spread and again the Trump administration did too little too late.

I do give the Trump administration partial credit for development of the vaccine. Project Warp Speed has been largely successful. As everyone should know, herd immunity comes from immunization (via vaccination) not infection, as some proposed and then held COVID-19 parties.

Most of the isolation we are going through now is a direct result of the current administration simply not caring and not proposing simple CDC guidelines. If we had done a better job in March and April, we wouldn’t need to isolate now. Protecting your neighbors is every American’s patriotic duty.

John A. Wolford

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