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Letter to the Editor: Violence at the Capitol

Clearly, we are living through the most divisive time in our history since the Civil War. We can all agree that violence should always be condemned. The actions of violent anarchists who stormed the Capitol because of allegations of wide spread voter fraud did nothing to further their cause. All are right to condemn their actions. 

I am not only angered by the violence, I am angered that those actions weakened our democracy and actually decreased the likelihood that these allegations of voter fraud will be fully investigated to prevent it from happening in the future. It is now easy for those who have played a part in and benefit from that fraud to continuously deflect investigation labeling those who seek answers to these legitimate concerns as violent extremists.

Now, we see Democrats (and a majority of Republicans) condemn the actions of those who stormed the Capitol. Shouldn’t all politicians and lawmakers always immediately condemn all acts of violence?

But 2020 has been a year of unprecedented violence for our country. Law-abiding citizens continuously watched mayors and governors allow “mostly peaceful protesters” to violently loot, destroy lives and irreparably destroy American cities, without condemnation or accountability.

It is not surprising to see those who spent the last four years (and millions of We the People’s money) trying to oust a duly elected president from office, placing sole responsibility for the events of Jan. 6 on Trump. Even if widespread voter fraud allowed a party to steal an election, his message to the people should have been that violence should not be tolerated. Those who resorted to violence needed Trump’s guidance to help calm their anger, created by witnessing a year of uncontrolled violence and four years of an attempt to undermine their legitimate vote.

Lynn Link

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