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Wildwood appoints new city council member

The Wildwood City Council has appointed Robert Jakcsy to fill the vacant seat in Ward 6. Former council member Jon Bopp’s term ended with his passing on Dec. 18.

A moment of silence was held for Bopp at the council meeting on Jan. 11. Mayor Jim Bowlin acknowledged Bopp’s service in the city of Wildwood, which spanned several capacities, and his earlier service as the mayor of Ballwin.

Jakcsy had indicated an interest in serving on the city council, as he filed for the April election.

Robert Jakcsy (LinkedIn page)

“I think he would make a terrific council member for our city for Ward 6, which has been without representation for some time,” Bowlin said, in his recommendation of Jakcsy for the open position.

According to the city’s charter, the mayor is obligated to make an appointment within 30 days of the vacancy occurring.

Jakcsy is a retired colonel from the United States Air Force. His LinkedIn page states that he is an accomplished senior special agent with nearly 24 years of military and federal law enforcement experience conducting special investigations.

His resume indicates that he received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from New Mexico State University and has held numerous volunteer and community positions.

“I think he’ll make an excellent addition,” council member Ken Remy (Ward 3) said. “He comes with a unique background both in the federal government and the military, as well as in his teaching career, and I think he’s an outstanding person for this position.”

His Ward 6 counterpart Rob Rambaud also was supportive of the appointment, according to Bowlin.

The council unanimously approved Jakcsy’s appointment and he was sworn in at the meeting on Jan. 11.

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