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Lafayette High senior will fly high this summer

Coopmans (Source: Rockwood School District Facebook)
Coopmans (Source: Facebook)

Lafayette High senior Ben Coopmans is one of 230 cadets from around the world to receive a scholarship to attend the Air Force Junior ROTC Flight Academy this summer.

“This is an incredible opportunity to get a head start and do something I really love,” Coopmans said. “It’s the best summer camp I could dream of.”

To be accepted into the program, Coopmans had to maintain good grades and peak physical shape to handle the physical aspect of flying. He also had to earn high marks on the Aviation Qualifying Test, which drills such aspects as mathematics, spatial awareness, weight perception and logic.

Coopmans said his involvement with the Lafayette Air Force Junior ROTC program (he is the Missouri 81st Corps Commander) has proven invaluable in preparing for this experience.  

More than 1,340 cadets applied for the highly competitive scholarship program, which covers transportation, room and board, academics and flight hours required to potentially earn a private pilot license at the end of the eight-week summer program on the campus of an accredited aviation university.

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