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Regarding Spirit of St. Louis Airport

To the Editor,

Trust me when I say, I have some knowledge about Spirit Airport. 

Spirit was opened in 1965 long before Chesterfield became a city in 1988. Complaints like these (Letters to the Editor, Jan. 27) over the last 30 years, have been addressed and adjusted through extensive and costly (revenue reducing) studies. 

Let me clarify something. Spirit is a 2% St. Louis County non-tax-based revenue source, as is Lambert for St. Louis City. So, Joel Amant, you’re proposing moving revenue from the county (Spirit) to give it to the city (Lambert).

I’m sure, like most, you aren’t thrilled paying 7.7% sales tax or the 1.38% property tax bill you get in December. 

Suffice it to say, a majority of the other 996,918 county residents, not to mention the 31,432 businesses, wouldn’t be fond of making up for Spirit’s 2% revenue in higher property and/or sales tax so the city can benefit from our loss. 

I think they would tell you that, in order to relieve your suffering, as you put it, you are free to move to the city that you must love, since you want to give it our money.

Lisa Hrabko

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