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Logan Park gets redesign to appease residents

After residents expressed concerns about the proposed entrance and parking lot location at Logan Park, Chesterfield’s Parks, Recreation and Arts Citizen Advisory Committee recommended a new site layout for Phase 1 of the park development that will cost an additional $29,000.

The 12-acre park property at 1851 Schoettler Road will be leased to the city by Logan University for $1 over a 30-year period. It will be developed and maintained by the city’s Parks, Recreation and Arts department. Phase 1 of its development includes the installation of a playground, pavilion, restrooms and parking lot. 

The last open house was held regarding amenities for Logan Park on June 3. At that time, the plan still showed parking off of Schoettler Road. After consulting with Logan University officials, it was agreed to move the parking lot and entrance to the university’s south entrance, Tom McCarthy, director of parks, recreation and arts, said.

Revised plan at Logan Park moves entrance and parking lot moved further back (Source: City of Chesterfield)

Although the move will increase the roadway by an additional 3,500 square feet, adding $28,875 to the project’s Phase 1 cost, it will solve many of the concerns expressed by residents, McCarthy said.

“It will minimize noise to neighboring houses. Parking can be closer to the playgrounds and restrooms, there will not be any blind spots on Schoettler Road and it allows for more green space on the road frontage,” he said.

The city received a $525,000 St. Louis County Municipal Park grant for Phase 1 of the project. 

Amenities scheduled for Phase 2 include pickleball courts, a loop trail and a gazebo. Drawings are currently being made to prepare for round two of the municipal planning grant application process, McCarthy said.

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