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Ben Shapiro – The Insanity of the Left’s Child Gender-Confusion Agenda

On Sunday, The New York Times ran a piece by Jack Turban, a research fellow at the Yale School of Medicine. Turban says that doctors should begin applying puberty blockers to children who identify as transgender as early as possible. That’s because, according to him, “it has become clear that if we support these children in their transgender identities instead ...

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Michelle Malkin – The Northwestern University Rape Outbreak That Wasn’t

Campus feminists whipped up a Category-5 frenzy over sexual assault allegations at a Northwestern University fraternity in February. But last week, the school’s Vice President for Student Affairs Patricia Telles-Irvin was forced to muster up her best impression of “Saturday Night Live’s” classic foot-in-mouther, Emily Litella. Neeeeever miiiiind. Picture Telles-Irvin squinting and grimacing sheepishly as she wrote an update on ...

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Ben Shapiro – On Human Nature and Mike Pence’s Dinner Partners

This week, the Washington Post published a long form piece about Vice President Mike Pence, which included a little tidbit that said, “In 2002, Mike Pence told the Hill that he never eats alone with a woman other than his wife and that he won’t attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side, either.” The left — and some ...

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Michelle Malkin – Benjamin Crump: TV’s Rising Fake News Star

He’s the new Al Sharpton on steroids — and he’s coming to a TV near you. Benjamin Crump, camera-lovin’ lawyer for the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, rocketed to fame perpetuating the “Hands up, don’t shoot” lie. Never mind that even the left-wing Obama Justice Department concluded that the 22 witnesses who manufactured the Black Lives Matter-promoted narrative ...

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Ben Shapiro – When Does Trump Become the Establishment?

Let’s pretend. It’s January 2017, and President Jeb Bush just took office. After conceding to his right flank during the election cycle that he would move to overturn President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Bush immediately backtracks and does nothing. Attempting to fulfill a campaign promise, he then pushes a bill that would supposedly repeal and replace Obamacare, ...

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Ben Shapiro – Why Does It Feel Like Everything’s a Scandal?

Over the past two weeks, Democrats have begun to acknowledge that they have virtually no evidence demonstrating meaningful collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. They proclaim that circumstantial evidence shows ties between Trump staffers and President Vladimir Putin -- former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and former Trump advisor Roger Stone allegedly had significant contacts with the Russians. But to this point, they've got nothing.

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Michelle Malkin – Bring Assata Back ASAP

If FBI agents have time to track down Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jerseys, why can’t they bring back AWOL convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur? It is time for one of the agency’s most wanted women in the world to pay her dues. And President Trump is just the man to force this militant and unrepentant escapee to face justice. Forty ...

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Ben Shapiro – Are We on the Verge of Violence?

Two weeks ago, political scientist Charles Murray of the American Enterprise Institute went to speak at Middlebury College. There, he was quickly surrounded by protesters chanting: "Racist, sexist, anti-gay. Charles Murray, go away!" On his way out of the venue, a violent throng surrounded him and his security, as well as one of the university professors.

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