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St. Louis County Police commemorates its Town & Country birthplace

No one would call the St. Louis County Police Department's first office commodious. At 60 square feet, it was more akin to a walk-in closet in some of the area’s larger homes. But the price was right and that was a major factor back in 1955 when the fledgling department was looking for space to house a district office.

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Time to say farewell

So, what does one say when asked to pen a few words about retiring from what was described as a part-time job but which turned out to be a major part of my life for the past eight-plus years?

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Remembering Buddy


The Labrador retriever, who recently passed, was a valued member of the Metro West search-and-rescue team.

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Ballwin looks at key issues

The Ballwin Board of Aldermen held a special meeting Aug. 6 to examine key issues the city is facing, including what to do with the former municipal building.

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