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Re: St. Louis City/County merger

St. Louis County residents are fearful they will be required to bail out St. Louis City if a merger of St. Louis City and St. Louis County would occur. Even allowing St. Louis City to enter St. Louis County would negatively affect St. Louis County residents.

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Getting to know you

Twice each year, West Newsmagazine provides its readers with the opportunity to get to know local businesses. We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know your neighbors who make this community such a great place in which to live.

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Health Capsules: July 19

Vaccine against heroin addiction nears human testing The first vaccine with the potential to block the “high” of heroin has passed a preclinical stage of testing in primates. The vaccine, developed at The Scripps Research Institute [TSRI], is the first of its kind against an opioid to successfully reach this phase. Researchers believe that vaccinating recovering heroin addicts against the drug’s often-deadly effects will help prevent them from relapsing back into drug use. In recent years, heroin use has become a worldwide problem, with its epicenter in the U.S. The potential vaccine works by exposing the immune system to a part ...

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