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Genetic testing reveals new targets for cancer treatment

Genetic testing

By uncovering a broader range of inherited genetic mutations, more widespread use of genetic testing could lead to more individualized cancer therapies, better detection and management of cancer within families and improved survival rates, scientists at the Mayo Clinic have found.

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Suffering in silence

Depressed older woman

Nearly two-thirds of Americans age 65 or older who are concerned that they are suffering from depression will not seek treatment for it, according to a new national poll.

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The ‘best’ plasma

Red blood cells

One promising treatment for severe cases of COVID-19 is antibody therapy, given through infusion of convalescent plasma from the blood of people who have recovered. Johns Hopkins researchers studied the plasma of 126 adults who had recovered from the virus.

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The kidney connection

Looking at the results of two common kidney function tests frequently run during adults’ annual physicals may also help doctors to estimate their cardiovascular disease risk, a large international study recently concluded.

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Unlisted ingredients

Man studying drugs

Researchers have recently identified multiple supplements marketed as cognitive enhancers that may contain dangerous ingredients not listed on their labels.

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Risking the holidays

Woman and child with masks

Amid a flood of guidelines around COVID-19, seniors’ decisions about holiday celebrations this year may come down to their individual levels of risk tolerance.

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