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News briefs: Lucky’s Market opens in Ellisville

BALLWIN City ushers in new recycling program The city of Ballwin has received a grant from the St. Louis County Department of Health to purchase several trash/recycling receptacles for city facilities. The receptacles will be placed at The Pointe at Ballwin Commons, the North Pointe Aquatic Center, the Police Department and the Government Center. Signage to encourage recycling and explain what can and cannot be recycled will be placed over each receptacle. Through this program, the city expects to realize a 60 percent decrease in the amount of waste that goes into a landfill. Records will be kept to track ...

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New regulations for special events may be coming in Ballwin

The city of Ballwin is considering new rules and regulations for special events. The issue was debated at some length at the July 21 Board of Aldermen meeting, but action was deferred until board input is incorporated into revised ordinance drafts to be considered later. Police Chief Steve Schicker said the purpose of the revised and expanded rules on special events is to make sure Ballwin officials are aware of such plans and have an opportunity to assess what impact, if any, they will have on nearby residents, businesses, property owners and the community in general. Examples of special events ...

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Wildwood City Council asked to consider city’s role in Crossings CID

Some Wildwood City Council members are critical of a proposal for the city to take over more financial responsibility for capital assets in the Crossings Community Improvement District (CID). City Administrator Dan Dubruiel explained, during a July 14 council work session, that the district was set up in 2005 when a Town Center agreement was approved, originally with developer Koman Properties, to facilitate development and financing of the Crossings commercial area in the city’s Town Center off Taylor Road. About $9.9 million in bonds – which are set to be paid off in 11 more years – were issued to ...

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Eureka High campus suffers vandalism, broken windows and spray paint graffiti

Two windows were broken and multiple surfaces defaced with spray paint at Eureka High overnight on Saturday, July 26. The damage from the vandalism totals $5,000, including the costs of cleanup and replacement materials. Rockwood School District Superintendent Dr. Eric D. Knost addressed the situation on the district’s Facebook page on July 28, saying such actions do not reflect the character of the Eureka community, or of Rockwood. “We know the vast majority of our students are extremely proud of their schools and are disappointed by this kind of action,” Knost said in the message. Eureka’s principal, Deborah Asher, agreed with ...

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Ballwin draws line on yard debris, clutter in carports, porches

The city of Ballwin has approved an ordinance giving its code enforcement personnel what is designed to be a better way to deal with trash, debris and other materials cluttering up residents’ carports, porches or other parts of property outside of any enclosed building. Passage came on a 5-2 vote after discussion focused on the measure’s scope, enforceability and changes in punctuation designed to clarify its meaning. Aldermen Shamed Dogan (Ward 2) and Frank Fleming (Ward 3) opposed the ordinance while Aldermen Jim Terbrock and Michael Finley (Ward 1), Michael Boland (Ward 4), Kathy Kerlagon (Ward 4) and Mark Harder ...

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Election Preview: West County

UPDATE: Walter S. Young (R), candidate for St. Louis County Council (District7) has been added to this list of candidates. In anticipation of the Aug. 5 election, West County candidates were invited to answer the following questions: Why are you running and what are your priorities if elected? What are your qualifications for holding public office?

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Creve Coeur Council approves $60,000 for art-inspired bus shelter

Before long, people waiting for a bus at two spots along Olive Boulevard in Creve Coeur will be able to feast their eyes on works of art. And, if one Creve Coeur councilmember has his way, all of the city’s bus shelters will be works of art. The Creve Coeur City Council voted July 14 to spend $60,000 on an art-covered westbound bus shelter at the city’s LaVerne Collins Park with the artist to be selected later. Installation should be some time in 2015, according to City Administrator Mark Perkins. The council had given the arts commission $60,000 for two ...

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Eureka resident asks Rockwood to protest possible gravel mining facility

A resident is asking the Rockwood School District Board of Education for its help in protesting a sand and gravel plant proposed for Eureka. Dr. Stephen Sanders, who lives on Pleasant Valley Estates Drive, told the board during public comment at its July 17 meeting that he represented business owners and residents in Eureka who are worried about a Winter Brothers Material Company gravel mining facility being proposed for 900 acres on the west side of the Meramec River, just south of Route 66 State Park. He said the facility is estimated to cause about 20 to 25 large trucks ...

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Ellisville prepares trailer, RV legislation

Ellisville’s city staff has drafted a piece of legislation that will overrule the existing ordinance governing parking an RV, boat, trailer or motor vehicle at a residence. The City Council is expected to review and vote on the bill at the upcoming Aug. 6 meeting. The bill came before the council on July 16, but Mayor Adam Paul made a motion to table action on the bill until the next meeting due to the absence of three councilmembers. As currently written, the new bill will require residents to park their motor vehicles in a garage, on a driveway or on ...

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