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Editorial: A call to peace

At the opening ceremony, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said he hoped the Winter Olympics would be remembered as the “day peace began.”

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Random Thoughts

With a tip of our cap to longtime contributor Thomas Sowell, we offer our random thoughts on the passing scene.

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Response to ‘Looking forward in Wildwood’

Regarding “Looking forward in Wildwood” [West Newsmagazine, Jan. 24], I’m not sure what meetings Mr. Feuerstein attended in 2017, but the Wildwood City Council was filled with needless drama, overspending and dysfunction. Just a quick review, yields:

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Year-end review

President Trump is fast approaching his first year in office; thus, a quick accounting is in order.

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Regarding ‘Helping impoverished children’

I honestly thought I was reading satire when I read that Rep. Ann Wagner was co-sponsoring the Every Mother and Child Act [“Helping impoverished children around the world,” Letters to the Editor, West Newsmagazine, Dec. 20].

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