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Just do it

It’s neither kneeling nor standing for the National Anthem. Rather, it is kneeling to help someone up who has fallen regardless of circumstance, reward or risk. It’s standing up for those in need. That is courage. Just do it. Help someone. It’s what our nation and our world needs.

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Regarding ‘What our future will be’

I found Mr. William Quinn’s condemnation of “liberals” [“What our future will be,” West Newsmagazine, Aug. 29] interesting given conservatives seem now to favor trillion dollar budget deficits, while wanting to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits that we have all funded [not the government] to pay for said deficits.

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Regarding ‘Referendum to work’

On Aug. 7, Missouri voters did have a choice despite the wishes of our state legislature and our former governor. We chose to protect wages, have better jobs and a better economy for our state.

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Random Thoughts: A community conversation

Kathy Lawton Brown in studio

This week, West Newsmagazine talks with Kathy Lawton Brown, one of the hosts of St. Louis’ only classical radio station – Radio Arts Foundation 107.3 FM. Lawton Brown also is a professional singer who is the principal contralto with the St. Louis-based baroque ensemble, The American Kantorei. 

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