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Year-end review

President Trump is fast approaching his first year in office; thus, a quick accounting is in order.

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Regarding ‘Helping impoverished children’

I honestly thought I was reading satire when I read that Rep. Ann Wagner was co-sponsoring the Every Mother and Child Act [“Helping impoverished children around the world,” Letters to the Editor, West Newsmagazine, Dec. 20].

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For goodness sake

I deliver Meals on Wheels to the elderly in Ballwin. Ruth is one of my clients, and since she is my last stop, I can sit and talk for a while. She always fills me in on what’s been going on with her and her daughters, but [on a recent] Thursday, she had a story that warmed my heart. 

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Looking forward in Wildwood

To be sure, 2017 was a year of continuous improvement in Wildwood’s governance structure. City Council meetings and key business processes were streamlined and enhanced, and there was increased emphasis placed on inclusiveness of the views of all citizens in all governmental activities. 

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We believe in Santa

In 1897, Laura Virginia O’Hanlon sent a letter to The [New York] Sun asking if Santa Claus was real. We heartily agree with The Sun’s reply: Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.  

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