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A community that cares

On May 3, in this editorial space, we posed a question: What type of community do we want to be? Answer: We want to be a community that cares.

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Thanking law enforcement

For those Missourians with family members or close friends who work in law enforcement, every week feels like a good time to appreciate the hard work that they do.

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Public input in Wildwood 

Years ago, when the Committee to Incorporate Wildwood came before the St. Louis County Council, they were regularly told that their presentations could not be completed because of an imposed time limit.

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A true fan of Dennis Prager

After the editorial column retirement of Thomas Sowell late last year, I was curious as to who West Newsmagazine was going to publish in his place.

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Not a ponzi scheme

I respectfully disagree with reader Jon Schulte’s letter regarding health insurance and the demise of Medicare.

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What kind of community do we want to be?

“This is more than a zoning question. It’s a matter of what we want to be as a community.” This is a vexing question that is often manifested, interestingly, in the seemingly subdued confines of city council or planning and zoning meetings.

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Regarding Prop T

On Feb. 27, the Rockwood School District superintendant, Dr. Knost, made a presentation to the Wildwood City Council on Proposition T, the upcoming $95.5 million bond issue on the April 4 ballot. Several councilmembers had questions on the need for such a large funding request, and the answers provided did not fully address the issues. Dr. Knost stated that the bonds would not increase the tax rate and that real and personal property taxes would remain unchanged. He did not state that the tax rate could come down in the future without adding consistent debt as Rockwood has done in the ...

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