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To the Class of 2017

Graduates and distinguished members of our community, we thank you so much for inviting us here today to deliver this [completely fictitious] commencement address. What a journey awaits you!

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Save Clayton Road

Consider if the proposed BriteWorX Carwash fits the special “Clayton architectural integrity” that makes Clayton Road, Clayton Road.

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Responding to ‘The cowards of academia’

To the Editor:  I can appreciate that there may be truth to Dennis Prager’s assertions regarding the limiting of “diverse” views on some college campuses [“The cowards of academia,” West Newsmagazine, May 3]. What I don’t understand is why university administrators would invite criticism by scheduling right-wing extremists like Ann Coulter to speak on their campuses in the first place. ...

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Health care reform reflects Missouri’s needs

To the Editor:  Seven years ago, Obamacare was passed with bold promises to the American people. Better care, lower premiums, greater access … Democrats promised us that everything we hated about health insurance would change and everything we loved would stay the same. Of course, that’s not remotely close to what happened. From sky-rocketing premiums and unaffordable deductibles, to the ...

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A community that cares

On May 3, in this editorial space, we posed a question: What type of community do we want to be? Answer: We want to be a community that cares.

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Thanking law enforcement

For those Missourians with family members or close friends who work in law enforcement, every week feels like a good time to appreciate the hard work that they do.

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Public input in Wildwood 

Years ago, when the Committee to Incorporate Wildwood came before the St. Louis County Council, they were regularly told that their presentations could not be completed because of an imposed time limit.

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A true fan of Dennis Prager

After the editorial column retirement of Thomas Sowell late last year, I was curious as to who West Newsmagazine was going to publish in his place.

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Not a ponzi scheme

I respectfully disagree with reader Jon Schulte’s letter regarding health insurance and the demise of Medicare.

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