Twin births at all-time global high

Twin babies

All over the world, more twins are being born today than ever before, at a rate of about 1.6 million twins – one in every 42 children – now born each year, according to a new global review.

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Sleep less, weigh more?

Unmade bed and pillows

Sleep problems are extremely common for women during the menopausal years…and to make matters worse, consistently disturbed sleep may play a role in weight gain during those years as well, a recent study found.

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Not just for Fridays

Salmon meal

Eating fish at least twice per week can help to protect people who already have cardiovascular disease or elevated risk factors for developing it, a recent analysis found.

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Dolls help teach diversity and inclusion

Cooper and dolls

Geggie Elementary kindergartener Cooper recently received the gift of a doll that resembles a child with Down syndrome. His mother, Paige Carlson, started a fundraiser to purchase diverse, inclusive dolls for the district.

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