Wildwood takes no action on temporary business zoning

Following a public hearing on the issue, Wildwood’s City Council agreed to take no action on a proposal to change zoning laws to create regulations that would address temporary business uses – such as produce stands and street food vendors – in the Town Center commercial area.

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Eastbound Boone Bridge lanes to open

The Missouri Department of Transportation will shift traffic on eastbound Interstate 64 this week to prepare for the opening of the new eastbound I-64 Daniel Boone Missouri River Bridge.

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Editorial: Data, data, data

On June 1, key sections of the U.S. Patriot Act expired. Namely, the bulk telephone records collection known as section 215, that allows the government to collect phone records on, well, everyone; the “lone wolf” provision which enabled the government to spy on a foreigner without proving association with a specific terrorist group; and the “roving wiretap” provision that allows the government to issue a wiretap on a person and all their means of communication, rather than on a specific device.

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