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CCE 911 approves 2018 budget

The Central County Emergency 911 [CCE] dispatch center in Ellisville anticipates total revenues of nearly $7.91 million in 2018 and expenditures of some $7.85 million, enabling the agency to add a small amount to its fund reserves by year-end.

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West County Fire tax rates decline for 2018 budget

The West County EMS and Fire Protection District’s 2018 budget anticipates spending less from its general fund, the largest of its outlays, but expects slightly higher revenues primarily due to an increase in assessed property valuations.

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Chesterfield earmarks $1.5 million for debt service 

The action came after a lengthy discussion at a Nov. 6 meeting of the council’s Finance and Administration Committee of the whole and represented a compromise between differing suggestions on how much should be set aside for bolstering funds available for debt service.

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