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Editorial: Time for a new Valley view

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – or so the old saying goes. So, is Topgolf beautiful? Or, as a resident at the Chesterfield Planning Commission meeting on March 26 described it, a hideous monstrosity?

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Face plant

There is an old adage amongst internet companies that goes something like this: If you are not paying for the product, you are the product. That is certainly true of Facebook.

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Editorial: Back to the Future

Despite the recent loss of stores like H&M, American Girl and Finish Line, Chesterfield Mall is not a dead mall. And its future is hopeful. That’s right, we said, “hopeful.”

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Editorial: Random thoughts

Is cruelty really necessary in politics? In the days following State Auditor Tom Schweich’s suicide, the prevailing message was that he was deeply troubled by anti-Semitic remarks directed toward his family in a whispering campaign – nothing public, just whispered rumors – and a radio commercial that compared him to a certain fictional deputy. Sticks and stones. But is it really necessary?

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Editorial: The government action you’re not paying enough attention to

It’s called net neutrality, and depending on which of the talking heads you are listening to at the time it is an example of either a) corporate malfeasance at the highest level since the days of steel barons or b) the largest government intrusion into private business since FDR’s New Deal. The scary part is that both sides are, at least in part, exactly right. Let us begin by understanding some background. There is this thing called the Internet, and it is kind of a big deal. Most Americans have Internet delivered to their homes in little packets of data ...

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