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Editorial: Random thoughts

Is cruelty really necessary in politics? In the days following State Auditor Tom Schweich’s suicide, the prevailing message was that he was deeply troubled by anti-Semitic remarks directed toward his family in a whispering campaign – nothing public, just whispered rumors – and a radio commercial that compared him to a certain fictional deputy. Sticks and stones. But is it really necessary?

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Editorial: The government action you’re not paying enough attention to

It’s called net neutrality, and depending on which of the talking heads you are listening to at the time it is an example of either a) corporate malfeasance at the highest level since the days of steel barons or b) the largest government intrusion into private business since FDR’s New Deal. The scary part is that both sides are, at least in part, exactly right. Let us begin by understanding some background. There is this thing called the Internet, and it is kind of a big deal. Most Americans have Internet delivered to their homes in little packets of data ...

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Editorial: Open your eyes

“Once again young Jewish boys are afraid to wear yarmulkes on the streets of Paris, Budapest, London and even Berlin.” Those are the words of Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, speaking at a commemoration last week on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp at Auschwitz.

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Editorial: Prime time for crime

Until recently, the violence in St. Louis City and North County seemed pretty far away. West County isn’t exactly known for police chases and shootings, after all.

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Editorial: Considering the Rams, rationally

With 2:47 left in the third quarter, Marc Bulger scrambled for a 12-yard touchdown run that put the St. Louis Rams up 34-17 over the Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss-led Minnesota Vikings. Aeneas Williams added a 90-yard fumble return for a touchdown and Marshall Faulk scampered in for yet another score, but it was really Bulger’s run that ended this contest.

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Editorial: Dads behaving badly

When “The Cosby Show” debuted in 1984, it ushered in a new era in American television. Cliff and Claire Huxtable were successful, African-American parents with a brood of happy, well-adjusted kids who lived in a mixed, urban environment in New York. Here was a family America could love – largely because the characters seemed to genuinely love each other and did so without the sappiness of “The Waltons,” whose 10-year run had ended three years prior in 1981. Cliff was a dad any kid would be happy to have. He was a firm, but loving disciplinarian with a goofy personality. ...

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Editorial: Walk on by

On Nov. 6, a woman named Alice made an impassioned plea on Facebook: “Please do not do business at the Chesterfield Mall Bath & Body Works!!” She went on to say: “I was very disappointed today while on a field trip with my Special Education students. They were given an assignment to find stores on their own and locate a product and write down information about the product.” She explained that, while the task seems easy, it “is an important skill these students are still learning.” “As we got ready to walk into Bath & Body Works we were met ...

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Editorial: It’s a matter of trust

On Oct. 30, there were three accidents on Interstate 64 and its exit ramps – one during the morning drive time on the exit ramp at Olive/Clarkson and two others during the evening commute. Those accidents were nearly parallel, with one on eastbound I-64 and one on the exit ramp to Timberlake Manor Parkway. Monarch firefighter-paramedics responded to all three accidents – blocking traffic and providing aid. Here’s a fact. Most of us would not want to have to work an accident on a crowded highway. Here’s another fact. Most of us are grateful that there are men and women ...

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