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Editorial: Ferguson affects us all

It was difficult to watch the outburst that was the Sept. 16 St. Louis County Council meeting and not have a strong reaction to it. Protestors from Ferguson filled the room. For two hours they ranted and raved as the council sat – mostly in silence. The wrath of the protestors was largely directed at Steve Stenger, the Democratic candidate for St. Louis County Executive. At one point, St. Louis activist Anthony Shahid approached the dais and came uncomfortably close to Stenger. Hangmen’s nooses around his neck, Shahid made demands of Stenger, but would not let him speak. Whether you ...

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Editorial: Sumptuous September

The feasting that started with Celebrate Wildwood continues in West County this weekend as the Manchester Homecoming takes over Paul A. Schroeder Park. Oh sure, there will be carnival rides and concerts and even a pool party for your pooch, but there will also be corn dogs and funnel cakes, ice cold lemonade and cotton candy – the holy grail of carnival fare – the food you crave after being spun on a carnival ride like fruit-flavored sugar in a centrifuge. It’s fall festival season in West County and one of the benefits is undeniably the food. You might want ...

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Editorial: Our perspective

What you are about to read is old news. You get this paper in your mailbox on Wednesday or Thursday, but we actually send it to the printer on the previous Friday. While that piece of information may not seem particularly interesting, it is relevant. We like to think that the delay in our publication forces us to make sure our stories include both information and perspective, that they are not forced by the constraints of the 24/7 news cycle – or the even more demanding need to be the first to send a tweet about some topic or another. ...

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Editorial: A nation of nomophobes

Admit it, you’re never more than a few steps away from some form of technology. Your computer sits in your lap or fits in your hand. Your phone is perpetually in your purse or pocket. It might even be in your ear, although bluetooth doesn’t seem to be as popular as it once was. If by some chance you leave the house without your phone, you make a u-turn and retrieve it. Who knows who might call while you’re running to the market for a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk? We have become a nation of nomophobes. ...

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Total Recall

Think about this for a second: In 2013, there were 45 percent more cars recalled than there were cars sold. Over the past decade, recalls are up 4 percent while sales are down 10 percent. This year automakers will easily eclipse a rather dubious mark and surpass 2004’s record of 30 million total cars recalled. Most famously, GM has issued 45 recalls so far this year, totaling more than 28 million cars. The auto industry as a whole is only expected to sell 16 million cars this year. So what gives? What is the cause of the skyrocketing number of ...

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We are Americans

Last week was the Fourth of July. There were barbecues and fireworks, concerts and celebrations. Plenty of air time was given to songs about America and what it means to be an American. But today, life is back to normal. We’re back to arguing about everything from health care to homeland security to our nation’s role in world crises. Last week, politicians gave speeches and for a few minutes or even a few hours the flames of  our patriotism may have been stoked by their words. But today – do you remember a word of what they said? Here’s one ...

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‘The problem with politicians’ responses

To the Editor: Your June 25 editorial “The Problem with Politicians” addresses a very important issue. But it’s not as if we, as citizens and voters, don’t have control over this. We have simply let the system get away from us. Frequently, we elect people for all the wrong reasons, They tell us what we want to hear and we are willing to believe it. Or they run disgusting ads (funded by big money interests) and we cast our votes on the basis of those ads. Or we look first at gender or ethnicity or whoever is the most photogenic ...

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