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Editorial: Dads behaving badly

When “The Cosby Show” debuted in 1984, it ushered in a new era in American television. Cliff and Claire Huxtable were successful, African-American parents with a brood of happy, well-adjusted kids who lived in a mixed, urban environment in New York. Here was a family America could love – largely because the characters seemed to genuinely love each other and did so without the sappiness of “The Waltons,” whose 10-year run had ended three years prior in 1981. Cliff was a dad any kid would be happy to have. He was a firm, but loving disciplinarian with a goofy personality. ...

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Don’t fight the police

To the Editor: Most Americans hope we never have to call the police. A call to the police usually means something bad is happening. However, we want the police if we need them. We hope that if we are in danger a policeman will be just a few moments away. Charles Barkley is right. Without cops, he said, “our neighborhoods would be like the wild, wild, west.” (St.Louis.cbslocal.com) Few if any Americans really want to live in towns where there is no police presence. I’ve only had one irritating episode with a policeman. I was driving through a small town ...

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Rational thoughts

To the Editor: The phrase “politically correct” is an expedient term rather than a strictly political one, although it was conceived by politicians. It is in essence designed to get incumbents re-elected. If we examine it with clarity of mind and unbiased scrutiny the concept is simply that if you don’t offend anyone your chances of getting elected or more precisely re-elected soar. In order to achieve political correctness the majority of your positions must be vague, undetermined or under review. Those are not the hallmarks of leadership; they are the hallmarks of individuals that want to reap the benefits ...

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Student celebrated for “doing the right thing”

According to his teachers, Ballwin Elementary student Dorius Smith is a true leader. “His peers look up to him because of his sense of humor, athleticism and, most importantly, his work ethic,” said teacher Melissa Lang. “He is as ambitious as he is self-motivated.” During a Rockwood track meet another student tripped and fell. Instead of continuing the race, Smith did what was right – he helped the other student up, forfeiting his spot in the race. “He is an outstanding example of a child who always does the right thing,” said teacher Genevieve Betz. “Whether it is helping a ...

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